Host a Food Drive

Hosting a food drive for Hawai`i Food Basket is simple. Download the forms below to help navigate through a drive. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.


1. Download the packet and plan your event or drive period

2. Collect donations

3. Drop-off your food at one of the warehouse locations or call for a pick-up


Fund Drive:

Financial donations are vital in continuing the operation of our island-wide services. Hawai`i Food Basket has two food warehouses, one on each side of Hawai`i Island. These warehouses store food donations, but they require refrigerators, freezers, electricity, and vehicles and gas to get the food delivered to those who need it most.


Your fund drive takes food donations through the final leg and into the hands of the hungry on Hawai`i Island.

Fund drives are just as simple as food drives and perhaps have the greatest flexibility.


Here are some suggestions:

1. Host a virtual fund drive for a birthday, school project, or any other event. Services like those offered by, Facebook Giving, and other donation platforms make it easy to raise funds quickly. Connect the drive personally and share with friends.

2. Raise funds through a car wash, rummage sale, or bake sale and donate the proceeds to Hawai`i Food Basket. See our food and fund drive packet for more “FUNdraiser” ideas.

3. Collect monetary donations along with your food drive. Did you know Hawai`i Food Basket can provide breakfast to a child for $2.81 a week; lunch to a senior for $12.43 a month; or feed a family for a week on $16.84?