SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is the new name for food stamps. Participating households receive money every month on a debit card that can be used for groceries. The Food Basket’s SNAP Outreach team works in communities island-wide to help residents complete an eligibility pre-assessment and also provide aid in the completion of the SNAP benefits application.

The Food Basket is  dedicated to walking alongside families and individuals step-by-step through the application process to help people get the support they need.

Households may qualify for SNAP based on their monthly income. The application process includes a paper application and a phone or in person interview.

Why SNAP Outreach?

Despite SNAP’s potential as a supplement to food budgets for struggling families, nearly a quarter of Hawai`i island residents who potentially qualify don’t actually claim their benefits. This may be due to a variety of factors including lack of time and transportation, limited English proficiency, physical and cognitive impairments, and stigma about requesting help.

The Food Basket’s SNAP Outreach team works island-wide to alleviate these barriers, meeting people where they gather – at food pantries, congregate meal sites, shelters, school and community events.

SNAP is a powerful resource in the fight against hunger and has the potential to feed more families in Hawai`i than all other food programs combined. In 2014 alone, SNAP brought more than $525 million of food assistance benefits into Hawai`i – stretching client’s food budgets, reinforcing the charitable food system, and strengthening the local economy.

SNAP Application

The downloadable and fillable SNAP application form can be found here:  BESSD-Application_June-2015.v2(fillable)

Additional Information: Five Easy Steps to SNAP Benefits

Meet The Food Basket Outreach Team!

Contact either Kat or Duane if  you have any questions regarding the SNAP application process, or for help filling out the form.

Kat Crop Edit Photo

Kat Bumatay is the SNAP Outreach Specialist covering the east side of Hawai`i Island. You can reach Kat directly by e-mailing


Duane Pajimola is the SNAP Outreach Specialist covering the west side of Hawai`i Island. You can reach Duane directly by e-mailing