The mission of The Food Basket is to end hunger in Hawai`i County.


Hawai`i County will be a model for food security and sustainability through the leadership of The Food Basket, a trusted and stable agency distributing the safest and highest quality food for Hawai`i County.


The foundation for the work of The Food Basket is the following set of values:

  • Care and Compassion: We care about all individuals in our community and treat everyone with dignity, respect, care, and without judgement.
  • Responsible Stewardship: Resources are donated to use by, and for the community, and we take seriously our responsibility to carefully and judiciously employ them.
  • Accountability: The Food Basket’s Directors, employees, and partners are expected to be accountable for their actions. We understand the consequences to ourselves and our community in each of our actions, strive to do what is best for the residents of Hawai`i County, and accept full responsibility when our actions do not produce desired results.
  • Trust: We act with integrity to earn and maintain trust in The Food Basket from the community, our partners, and stakeholders. To our agency, there is no greater trust than from those who must rely upon us for sustenance. We do everything to honor that trust.
  • Collaboration: The Food Basket’s model is founded on deep and broad relationships. Collaboration is the basis for our existence, as we place a high value in maintaining relationships with each other, our donors, our clients, our customers, and our community.
  • Open Communications: Our communications are open and professional and based on mutual respect.
  • Responsiveness: We view ourselves as a partner on the front lines of emergency response, and we act beforehand to ensure our communities are as prepared as possible. We demonstrate respect through taking the time to listen to clients, and then design solutions that are responsive to their needs.


  1. The Food Basket shall provide cost effective and reliable services that supply food to those in need and prevent food waste.
  2. The Food Basket shall coordinate food supply and distribute during emergencies.
  3. The Food Basket shall facilitate community economic development that sustains and improves the island’s food security.
  4. The Food Basket shall develop and implement innovative programs to reduce hunger at its source.
  5. The Food Basket shall cultivate and maintain a positive word environment, organizational structure, and professional relationships with partners, donors and the community.
  6. The Food Basket shall establish a reputation as a trusted and reliable organization among all stakeholders.
  7. The Food Basket shall achieve and sustain positive financial operating results.