Kupuna Pantry CSFP

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2017 Kupuna Pantry Participant Application Form

“We’ve Got Your Back” Supplemental Nutrition ProgramP1040097

The purpose of The Food Basket’s “We Got Your Back” Supplemental Nutrition Program is to provide nutritional supplements to low-income elementary school-aged children at schools with a high incidence of free and reduced lunches.

Goal: To provide nutritioP1040146nal relief and continuity for the families of children participating in the National School Lunch Program’s free and reduced lunches.

“We Got Your Back” is a supplemental nutrition program funded by private monetary donations foods donated by the community, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutritional supplements. In many cases, children from low-income families derive their only complete meal of the day in school. The “We Got Your Back” backpacking program provides supplemental food from The Food Basket for eligible school children to take home, thus assisting the child’s family in providing additional complete meals. Complete nutrition and satiety are important to ensure hunger and poor nutrition are not detrimental to children’s performance in school. Eligibility for this program is determined by statistical data collected by the Hawaii State Department of Education (DOE) on free and reduced lunch participation. The “We Got Your Back (WGYB)” program is a direct service program, occurring without the aid of an agency intermediary, however it does require the participation and permission of school officials.P1040094

Senior “Brown Bags” Supplemental Nutrition Program

The purpose of The Food Basket’s Senior Brown Bags Program is to supplement the nutrition of Seniors in the community and increase access to food for those in rural areas.

Goal: To providIMG_3661e nutritious food to the needy Seniors on Hawaii Island.

Senior Brown Bags is a supplemental nutrition program funded by private monetary donations as well as through foods donated by the community. This seasonal program provides a nutritional bridge by allowing eligible Seniors to supplement their own fresh fruits, vegetables, starches, and proteins with canned and packaged selections provided by The Food Basket. Eligibility for this program is equivalent to the Senior Farmer’s Nutrition Program to allow for ease of application and continuity. The program period is meant to provide a seamless continuum of support with the Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program. The Brown Bag program is a direct service program, occurring without the aid of an agency intermediary.

Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program(SFMNP/Senior Produce)

Update: March 21, 2017. The SFMNP/Senior Produce Program has been canceled for 2017.

The purpose of The Food Basket’s SFMNP is to develop consistent markets for local farmers, improve access to food for rural areas, increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and ensure adequate nutrition for needy Seniors on the Island of Hawaii.

snrprdGoal: To provide needy seniors with a box of fresh fruits of vegetables once a week during the season.

The Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program is a seasonal, Federally-Funded program designed to increase utilization of local farm resources. Federal Funds include funds for bulk purchasing, or for vouchers redeemable at Farmer’s Markets. Funds are provided as a pass-through by the State through a short-term contract. The Food Basket utilizes a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model to purchase produce for fifteen (15) weeks during the year. Community Supported Agriculture involves the direct purchase of product from local agricultural producers. This results in increased economic activity and minimizes farmer risk by providing a steady purchase stream. Produce may be ordered in advanced of the program, however may only be reimbursed upon delivery. Purchased produce is received, portioned and boxed, then delivered to drop sites in the affected areas.