What is the Food Basket?

The Food Basket, Inc. is a clearinghouse for food and non-food items that retailers, wholesalers, and farmers normally discard (reasons for discarding food include surplus product, discontinued product, near pull date product, ripped labeling, off-grade produce), and for food donated by individuals and community groups through various food drives.

The Food Basket is an island wide, supplemental food network that collects and distributes nutritious, high quality food to low income households,  the working poor, the disabled, the ill, senior citizens, and children of Hawai`i County.

Does the Food Basket provide emergency food boxes?

While we will provide emergency food boxes once per year per family, we try to refer clients to one of our partner agencies, who are better suited to helping individuals and are more conveniently located to those they service. The Food Basket is the “wholesale” clearinghouse for food, and is better suited for supplying regular food banks, soup kitchens, shelters, and other programs designed to meet individual needs.