Sharwil-AvocadoThe Sharwil Avocado

After 20 years, Hawai`i is re-introducing our Sharwil Avocado to the continental United States.  The Hawaiian Sharwil, grown in the same rich, volcanic soil that produces our robust Kona coffee, is a creamy and slightly sweet avocado perfect for bringing new flavors and textures to your favorite avocado recipes.  The slightly pear-shaped fruit offers one of the smallest seeds of any avocado; meaning more creamy meat per fruit.

Hawai`i Island’s blend of tropical rain and sweltering heat mean that the perfect balance of fat and water is achieved, supporting a rich and lingering mouthfeel.  From complimenting the richness of sashimi-grade ahi to providing body to sauces loaded with plant-based fats, the Sharwil is sure to please the developing and the discerning palate.
The Sharwil will continue to delight throughout the November to March season.  As the fruit matures on the tree natural oils and fats accumulate. Fruit picked in the beginning of the season will be firmer, with a texture comparable to cool butter.  Much like wine, cheese, or salmon runs, each successive harvest yields creamier and creamier fruit, ensuring a a surprise each week you take a spoonful in your mouth.
Our farmers have been waiting for 20 years to share these with you.  Our Sharwil avocado farmers use the USDA growing guidelines as a starting point, adding natural farm practices and spraying zero pesticides.  Each of these growers is inspected to comply with all existing regulations, as well as our farm and agricultural practice guidelines.

 What is The Food Basket doing selling avocados?

Finally, about us.  We are The Food Basket, Inc. – Hawai’i Island’s Food Bank.  Our role is to support the development of small farms to ensure that we have food to feed ourselves, while creating the economic prosperity that will eventually make our organization unnecessary.  Our non-profit status gives us the ability to reasonably assist farmers in distribution while giving them a price that motivates them to continue to farm.  We are proud to be able to share the bounty of the Big Island of Hawai`i with you, and know that once you try our products you will, as we do, become a lifelong fan of one of the best avocados in the world.



Why 20 years?

Over the decades Hawai`i has been decimated by the introduction of invasive species.  Our location in the middle of the Pacific meant that shipping from the Americas and the Asiatic region brought pests from all over the world.  Twenty-years ago, several species of fruit fly were established in Hawai`i.  In order to protect avocados in America, Hawai`i stopped shipping our fruit.  Recent scientific studies and advancements in protocols ensure your fruit are safe, and our facility manages the process so that secondary measures, like steaming or irradiation, are unnecessary.  Your fruit is absolutely unadulterated.

When are my Sharwils ripe?

When avocados ripen, they will be begin to yield to gentle finger pressure.  If making a dip or mix, you may want to eat your Sharwil when the stem gently bounces when you press it.  If you’d like to enjoy the flavor of a fully ripe Sharwil, wait until the stem easily pushes into the meat under gentle pressure.  Try it with just a little salt!

Interested in purchasing Sharwil Avocados on the mainland?

Send us an email at  One of our team members will promptly get back to you with answers to any of your questions.